Add distraction-free mode (Zen mode, focus mode)

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Please (re)consider my suggestion, I've seen two similar ones rejected, and I believe that the assumptions where different, because you suggested Jots as a better implementation.

In the editor space, distraction-free usually means hiding the interface, with only the text remaining on the screen. Good implementations have large margins and focus mode, where the paragraphs that are not edited are muted. Sometimes toolbars and buttons are visible on hover and some interface elements are kept, but usually the user has only the text before his eyes. Jots is very nice, but it only hides the text editor toolbar, everything else is visible. It also does not work on notes, where you want to be able to concentrate on the text alone.

The text in the image below is how distraction-mode would look in Amplenote. I've just taken an image of a note in Amplenote, centered it, and removed everything else but the text. This could be toggled on/off with a keyboard shortcut.


Planned ui Suggested by: Adrian Upvoted: 11 Jun Comments: 4

Comments: 4