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part of why I keep switching back to Apple Notes from all of the apps I am trying out is that when I 3D (long) press on the apple notes icon, a sub menu pops up that gives me options like "new note" or "new checklist." I am unable to do this in some other note apps, which makes me more likely to not use it. It never used to be a thing for me, opening the note app and starting a new note from inside it, but once I adjusted to 3D touching as a quick start, it is so much faster and easier and almost instinctual. I think that would be a really helpful touch for ios users. I can deal with the internal app UI being not exactly how I want it, same with the macos and web version... but having a 3D touch makes me much more likely to just offload my jot into amplenote, instead of searching for apple notes and doing that instead lol

Under consideration mobile Suggested by: Megan Upvoted: 23 Sep, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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