Lightweight checkbox that isn't a task

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If I want to make any kind of checkbox in a note, I am required to use a Task, which ends up in the global Task view. For ephemeral tasks, this may not make sense, as I may want to keep track of when something is finished or not, but it's not something I want to use to plan a day. Or I may want to keep track of whether a set of things is true or false that aren't "things I need to do".

Contrived examples: if I make a grocery list, using tasks means an unfinished list will pollute my work project tasks with "Milk" and "Eggs" unless I manually go clean up the unchecked items. Or maybe I'm bird-watching and have a list of birds in the area, and I'd like to check them off as I see them. I know ahead of time I won't see all of them, as that's not entirely in my control, but I'd still like to keep track of what I do see.

You can work around this with a bulleted list + strikethrough, but a one-click solution would be helpful, especially on mobile.

Not planned Suggested by: Kendall Upvoted: 05 Apr Comments: 10

Comments: 10