Referral program

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1. Products like this grow through word-of-mouth from happy customers
2. We need Amplenote to stick around if we’re going to put our lives into it
3. By recommending it, we’re putting our own reputations on the line

Amplenote needs to implement a referral system such that we get credit for referring and our referees are incentivized to pay for plans. There is a difference between recommending Amplenote and recommending DoorDash. If we recommend Amplenote to our friends/colleagues, and they think we are wrong, we lose credibility, conversely, if we recommend Amplenote to someone who trusts us, they are more likely to try it. If I recommend DoorDash to someone and they use their $20 but don’t like it, nobody cares.

[We]( use Referralrock, and give $25/mo recurring credit to the referrer and $200 off the first month to the referee. Other products I use that offer similar bonuses include (the PM system not the social thing), Notion, and more.

Under consideration community Suggested by: Justin Maxwell Upvoted: 16 Aug, '21 Comments: 1

Comments: 1