3rd-Party/Community Plugins with Obsidian-style manager (aka extensions/addons/add-ons)

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I've read through a lot of the suggestions here and there are lots of things that look like they would be awesome but have a user base so limited that it would be a very long time for them to ever be implemented by actual Amplenote employees if, as we all hope, Amplenote uses its non-VC-backed resources most wisely as it organically grows to an <ducks>ample</ducks> size.

The usual solution to this seems to be to have plugin support, so smaller, interested communities can write and support their own stuff. Certainly this seems to have worked well for programs focused more specifically on text such as Obsidian - https://help.obsidian.md/Advanced+topics/Third-party+plugins - as well as age-old software like emacs.

It's also one of the reasons browsers are so awesome (in fact, I'm guessing this would be possible to do to some degree with Amplenote + Userscripts and User Style Managers like Tampermonkey/Stylish/etc. for the web-based version.

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Comments: 5