Allow File URI Scheme link

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Is it possible to create a local file links? (file:///path/to/target/files)
It's better if we can link the file with a drag an drop workflow

I understand that Amplenote is a cloud service, and the accessibility for collaborators on different devices is important.
But except for common media contents(pdf, jpg, png, ...), there are tons of other types of files (offices, archive zip, sketch files) we would want to track and edit in project/knowledge/deliverable management.
For most of them, it's great if you can render the content in the pages for preview.
But if not, it's totally fine, just allow us to access the file through a local url.

Currently, even we can attach pdf in notes, we can not edit/annotate it and grow from it. The file is dead in the notebook.

Under consideration Suggested by: LiteC Upvoted: 19 Mar Comments: 2

Comments: 2