Filter backlinks based on inline-tags (note-reference).

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Basically the title.
An example use-case:
I capture new ideas in my daily-jots and link it to my [[ideas]] note. This is great as it gathers all ideas in the backlink section of the note.
As ideas evolve i tag them with different statuses (inline-tags) e.g. nibble/digested/dismissed.
So a fresh idea starts as a nibble and once I thought more about it it is either dismissed (if its not worth further work) or digested (this means I create a new note for this idea, for further work and thinking).
However to improve this workflow, I would like to filter the backlinks of my ideas note to only show the nibble backlinks for example, so I can see my raw ideas. Or filter for dismissed idea's to see whether I can find some treasures in the dismissed ideas.

Planned Suggested by: Hermann Gabs Upvoted: 20 Apr, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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