Better preview on search result column in the UI

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It'd be best to have as many notes as possible. For example, if I click a tag with 50 notes, I'd rather see them all. And make them as distinguishable as possible. If this was the real world, I would have dumped a box of cards on the floor and would go through them by hand, spreading them out to find connections. Some will be more salient because they have a different color, or an image.

Right now, we have a 'paper note icon' that is the same for every note no matter what (not helpful to identify a note). We have a few lines of text after the title. And a 'time since last edited' that is also worthless for the job of identifying notes quickly. With a big screen, I can fit say 10 notes max in that format. A far cry from a pinboard or 'notes on the floor' situation.

Also, I cannot rearrange notes on that list. There's a sort order, and it's not 'manual'. All in all this decision of cloning the UX from evernote is suboptimal as newer notetakers that depart from that model are far better

Under consideration Suggested by: Jose Upvoted: 27 Sep, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0