Show hidden tasks greyed out within the note instead of in the bottom tab

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Hidden tasks being invisible in the note I think undermines one of Amplenotes key benefits of gathering tasks from across different notes into a single list.

I'd like the concept of 'hidden' to only apply to the task view. Hiding them in the note makes it too easy to lose the context of the task, especially when it pops back up in a different place to where it originated. I've mocked this up in the attachment.

- better planning of future tasks/reminders, allowing task breakdown and keeping it in context
- less scrolling around and mental load to remember if you created a future task or not
- moving future tasks can be done without jumping around. If I want to hide a task but send it to another note (e.g. jot to project note) I have to find it again in the hidden area of the jot, or navigate to the project note to find the moved task and hide it there. If it was only greyed out I could move a hidden task to another note.

Under consideration effort-high tasks Suggested by: Stuart Upvoted: 03 Jun Comments: 0

Comments: 0