Calendar mode color coding of tasks

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I do not separate between web and ios

- 24 hours format
- color coding for tasks and events, eg. a task can have a color coding red and another blue
- agenda view
- entering events and not only tasks
- more ey-friendy UI
- what is planned for meetings, eg team or zoom
- apple calendar is definitvely a missing (grave gap of functionality and they via google as out of privacy concerns a no go. Here I would expect a behaviour like apple calendar
- Calender groups -> for planning, the task domain is great, at the end you need a complete overview about the day and week before you
- when i click in Fantastical, it goes to the note, which I think is much better the AN solution, where I have the task and have to search for the note. The note with the task is more important for time-blocking. See also my questions in Discor.

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Comments: 10