Group unscheduled tasks by note title / note reference

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When I want to plan my week, I go to the Calendar mode and then look at the right side of the screen to see all my unscheduled tasks. However, it is not possible to see which task belongs to which note, and, without this information, I cannot get the context of that unscheduled task.

Let's assume that I am a writer. I write blogs. I might have a task named "Write 500 words" in two different notes. Each note is the title of the blog I am collecting notes for. When I am in the calendar view, I see two tasks named "Write 500 words", but there is no way I can see which note that "Write 500 words" task belongs to - unless I manually click on the down arrow, and then click on Edit details.

In the Tasks mode, there is the option of "Group tasks by note". Since the Calendar mode is all about tasks, I believe it makes the most sense to have the same feature in the Calendar view.

Thank you.

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