Due date for tasks (separate from start date)

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When Start Date is useful:
- Scheduling a task on the calendar

When Due Date is useful:
- Calculating task score
- Automatically assigning urgent (if task is due in one to three days as explained in blog)

i.e. I have a task that is due by Sunday and it's currently Monday of that week. I create the task in a note, but can't assign Sunday as the date in Amplenote since it will schedule that task for Sunday on my calendar. Instead, I would like a way to say that task is DUE on Sunday and then go to my calendar and assign the task's start date at a free time during which I can complete it. If I did not complete it, I can simply find another time before Sunday to get the task done.

Working with tasks in Amplenote is beautiful, but this one feature makes it feel incomplete without this feature. It's also one of the main aspects I loved about Things 3.

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Comments: 17