Make it easier to indent multiple bullets in a note

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When I enter new ideas, or multiple entries into a jot or note. I usually first just write each idea on a new line, and then I create the bullets and sub-bullets.
Most apps make this easy, unlike Amplenote.
You highlight a block of lines and select the convert to bullet. Do that again with a subblock of the previously highlighted block, hit tab and those bullets get shifted/indented to the right as sub-bullets.
With Amplenote, if I select a block that I want to convert to sub-bullets, only the last bullet/last selected line gets moved to the right as a sub-bullet. So if I had, like 20 rows I wanted to convert to sub-bullet I would have to select each line independently and hit tab, which is a bit of a time-waste.

Thanks for thinking of a great solution to make the conversion of multiple bullets to sub-bullets easier.


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