Please include Two way G-Cal sync in FREE PLAN

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I use Google Keep , Task & Calendar to do all things. This app is very unique & kind does it all & most importantly Two way G-Cal sync is brilliant! but as a Student from a 3rd world country having a 5$/m subscription plan just to have that feature is not justifiable.

This App definitely has the potentiality to become the One-Stop solution for all
students but for that to happen it either needs to have a free plan with (two way sync & table of contents ) or a One-time purchase plan (with 2mb CAP) & maybe a subscription plan for Corporate peeps who want collab, 25gb attachments etc.

I think (Two way Sync is the only feature that intrigues me in this app & if it's included in the free plan more people would start using this app)
Kinda like when (Notion had limited blocks for free plan but than Block limitation was removed ) & it boomed!

Under consideration calendar Suggested by: Dreww Upvoted: 16 Oct, '22 Comments: 0

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