Treatment of completed tasks in synchronised calendars

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Hi. Recent subscriber having moved from Todoist + Tascaly for timeblocking but really enjoying Amplenote.

I'm using Amplenote pretty heavily for time-blocking now with an external calendar. My external calendar is my go-to place for what's next in my day, either for meetings or tasks. If I have completed a task ahead of the calendared timeblock ideally I want that spot in my calendar to be free'd up. Also, one of the things I miss from Tascaly is the option to have completed tasks in previous or current timeblocks marked as completed in my calendar (Tascaly adds a tick to the task description in the calendar - see attachment).

I understand this way of working may not be to everyone's taste so it might need to be an option. Also, I'm really only referring to the external synchronised calendar view and not the calendar in Amplenote itself.

Under consideration effort-medium tasks Suggested by: Steve Upvoted: 15 May, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0