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I searched the suggestions but did not find anything on this so hopefully I am not duplicating.

Linking a calendar event through the creation of a new note titled the same as the event title is great. An enhancement would be to be able to rename that note and not lose the link and have the calendar return to the "Create a new note" option.

If that is not possible, the ability to link another note or notes to that calendar event. Further, being able to link to a section (H1 etc) would be great too as in some cases I do have a log of meetings in one note.

I do have a note title system that differs often from that of the actual calendar event. This is often the result of me not being the meeting planner and not managing the meeting name in the calendar. Also, if I am the organizer of a meeting and I use my AN note naming convention it would likely confuse the meeting invitees.

Hope that makes sense.

Under consideration calendar effort-low Suggested by: Al Upvoted: 16 Nov, '22 Comments: 0

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