Ability to Quickly Add a list of task and parse dates from the list

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For example:

Send Reminder To Student if No Documents 3/27/2023
Document Deadline (six w/ prior to start) 4/3/2023
Documents To Admin and inform Donna and Chris of the schedule 4/25/2023
Verify area is processing the students and that we are on track for their start dates 4/25/2023
Assure Student has Completed ISSA Training and Has Read Cultural Awareness Card 4/29/2023
Request for Donna D to send trainings to students and schedule orientation as needed 5/5/2023

Etc.... When I past this into ToDoIst or TickTick I get an immediate list of tasks with due dates parsed. Since I do this somewhat frequently and with a whole lot of my tasks, it's what is preventing me from moving to Amplenote from my current system of ToDoIst in combination with Evernote.


Under consideration -plugin effort-medium Suggested by: Anthony Stout Upvoted: 29 Mar Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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