Double-bracket note linking: Improve note suggestion in the middle of a paragraph

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Currently in the Amplenote web editor, linking to a note by opening a double bracket only suggests note titles containing text up to the end of the paragraph. Essentially, this would allow for instantly creating notes and naming them with a whole sentence, which is good.

However a use-case that would be at least as frequent would be to link to an existing or new note that has a different name, and currently the suggestion box will not suggest it. (A workaround for this would be type one closing bracket "]" and check against the now working suggestion box).

It would be very useful if:
a. the editor suggested existing notes based on text written between "[[" and the cursor (should be trivial to add this and keep the whole-paragraph suggestion too)
b. the editor suggested existing notes based on partial matches of text between the cursor and the end of the paragraph (would require a smarter algorithm for fuzzy-searching all notes against all substrings of the paragraph)

Word limit :)

Under consideration note-linking Suggested by: Lucian Upvoted: 01 Mar, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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