Suggestions for improving Amplenote.

Allow editing text and tasks that are backlinked from the Backlinks tab

Currently, when a task is backlinked, it is not clickable/editable. It would be good if one could both complete and edit a task as part of a Note's backlink.
Suggested by: Brian Cohen (28 Dec, '20) Upvoted: 07 Apr Comments: 11
Under consideration note-linking

Add support for editable transclusions

I would like to include part of one note in another, preferable editable in both places. Roam does block level and Obsidian does header level, but I would like some ...
Suggested by: Mike (07 Jun, '20) Upvoted: 07 Apr Comments: 13
Under consideration note-linking

Nested tasks should inherit their parent item/note affiliation

Having recently migrated from Roam, I was trying to find a way to compile notes and tasks from multiple project on daily jots, but have been frustrated that tasks are ...
Suggested by: Fractal0011 (09 Aug, '22) Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 4

Allow more than 5 suggested notes when linking a note to a task or another note

When using the "[[..." to link another note, only a maximum of 5 suggested notes appears. As the number of notes increases, and some of the note content will be ...
Suggested by: Paul H. (18 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 11 Mar Comments: 3
Under consideration effort-low note-linking

Jump to specific location of note from task

Right now, we can only jump to the start of corresponding note from task. It is better jump to the specific location where the task is in the note.
Suggested by: claviclelau (19 Jul, '21) Upvoted: 14 Feb Comments: 1
Under consideration note-linking

Support note aliases

I make a note for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If I want that to find more references for that note, currently it will only search for instances of that EXACT ...
Suggested by: Brittany (13 Apr, '23) Upvoted: 24 Mar Comments: 0
Under consideration effort-medium note-linking

Include "parent" bullet info in Backlink tab to provide context

In the backlink tab for each page, include the top level bullets leading to that reference for context. For example: - Had appointment with Dr. X (this is what I ...
Suggested by: luxetumbra (30 Jun, '21) Upvoted: 14 Dec, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration note-linking

Copy note URL

No matter if you use the Web app or Android, there should be the option to copy the note URL with one click (other than copy/pasting from the browser). Ideally, that ...
Suggested by: Erich Angermayr (27 Mar, '21) Upvoted: 25 Jun, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration note-linking

Toggle auto-tagging of notes as daily-jots

I use Daily Jots as my main scratchpad. Typically I write notes, then go back and turn certain words/phrases into notes by highlighting them then tapping "[". It ...
Suggested by: Antony (05 May, '23) Upvoted: 14 Feb Comments: 0
Under consideration effort-low note-linking

Double-bracket note linking: Improve note suggestion in the middle of a paragraph

Currently in the Amplenote web editor, linking to a note by opening a double bracket only suggests note titles containing text up to the end of the paragraph. ...
Suggested by: Lucian (20 Oct, '20) Upvoted: 01 Mar, '22 Comments: 2
Under consideration note-linking

Backlinks filtering should work on unlinked references

Currently we can filter the list of backlinks by tag, but when browsing long lists of unlinked references, it's very useful to be able to narrow down the list of results.
Suggested by: Lucian (17 May, '21) Upvoted: 07 Jul, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration note-linking

Show Archived Notes in Reference Search

I have a lot of templates with tasks that I like to add to my daily jot using double bracket notation. These are locked notes, meaning I don't plan on modifying ...
Suggested by: weird (17 Apr, '22) Upvoted: 21 Aug, '23 Comments: 2
Not planned effort-low note-linking

Auto Complete Note-linking without closing the dialog

You often need to link to a particular header in a note from another note or add a footnote. But to do so, you need to manually right the note title and then press on ...
Suggested by: Mo (21 Feb, '21) Upvoted: 18 Feb, '22 Comments: 1
Under consideration note-linking

Open links in the default system browser

I use firefox but as I need to have a standalone app (so I can have a shortcut for it on my system) I installed WPA from chrome. The problem is that now all the ...
Suggested by: Kuba (12 Jun, '23) Upvoted: 17 Oct, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration effort-medium note-linking

Create a link to any text or section

It would be nice to be able to create links to text I want to reference or refer to without creating new notes or tags if that isn't necessary. For example, I want to ...
Suggested by: Poly (28 Feb, '23) Upvoted: 10 Jun, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration effort-high note-linking

Recognize existing note by just typing, Mynotename. No need to always use [[

It's inconvenient to always type [[ because a) unnecessary effort and b) you might not always know that you already have that note and thus fail to reference it. ...
Suggested by: Jochen Burkhard (30 Jul, '22) Upvoted: 09 Aug, '23 Comments: 3
Under consideration effort-high note-linking

Backlinks and additional references should include plural form and suffixes

This is a feature I think would increase the robustness of a notes in Amplenote. When I am reviewing the backlinks and the additional unlinked references sections of ...
Suggested by: Steve (01 Mar, '22) Upvoted: 03 Jan, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration effort-high note-linking

Display Rich Snippets when inserting a link

A representation of the rich snipped of the source (thumbnail, title, description etc.)would be nice, if a link is inserted
Suggested by: Markus (26 Feb, '23) Upvoted: 22 Sep, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration editor effort-low note-linking

Bug: Note reference title-match check recognizes section references as not matched title

Where a # reference has been made to a section within a note, Amplenote recognizes that as a reference where the text does not match the current title of the note. ...
Suggested by: Chris L (14 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 16 Nov, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration effort-low note-linking

Show recently used notes in note lookup menus, when no text is entered

When I use "extract to a note", Amplenote shows a search pop-up window. But often I don't remember the name of the note I'd like to transfer text to. I suggest that ...
Suggested by: amplenotist (28 Jan) Upvoted: 28 Jan Comments: 1
Under consideration effort-medium note-linking ui

Allow us to search, view, or search through all possibilities when using [[#

I have a really hard time linking to sections of my notes at times because it doesn't always find the correct header I am searching for. If I could just see all the ...
Suggested by: Poly (22 Oct, '22) Upvoted: 22 Oct, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration effort-medium note-linking

Hide completed tasks in Backlink tab

Would be helpful to have a toggle to hide completed tasks in the backlink section of the notes. Use case: I have a Note called !WAIT which I reference whenever I ...
Suggested by: CG (20 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 20 Sep, '21 Comments: 0
Under consideration note-linking