Make pasting of rich text highlighted text work with Amplenote

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User story:

On Mac OSX I copy from an RTF document text that is highlighted (yellow background) and paste it into TextEdit. I see the highlighting format is preserved. I paste it into Amplenote running on Chrome or Safari and the highlighting format is not preserved.

Feature suggestion is to preserve the highlighting format on paste os that highlighted text may be pasted from other applications. Since Amplenote does not support pasting of markdown text there is no other way this user can see to get highlighted text into Amplenote short of *importing* markdown, which is quite laborious and would not allow for text with highlights to be pasted inline in another document.

This feature is important to this user because: my PDF highlighting workflow in produces a markdown document of all highlights and notes from a PDF that I have annotated. I want to put this into Amplenote. The only differentiator between highlights and my own notes in this document is the highlighting format.

Under consideration editor Suggested by: robb Upvoted: 16 Apr, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0