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One question that keeps coming back is how to 'publish notes to the web'. AN html embeds are a great way to avoid painful editors such s wordpress or any other CMS. But you still have to manage urls somewhere (domain, header, footer, list of posts, categories etc). Amplenote only provides a way to 'publish' one note at a time.

Still many of us have the need to manage an entire site. Or a documentation set. Or a book. AN doesn't provide for that. Other tools such as obsidian have
some tooling: https://obsidian.md/publish . Then there's static site generators that require some tweaking and that are responsible for a large portion of 'dead blogs' on the web (lol) because they add some friction to publishing.

The dream: tag publish.

We could use something like https://soupault.app/ to add some header and footer programmatically and have a static website that we could host somewhere like netify or neocities 🙂 Problem solved. AN becomes the 'markdown' editor for the static site.

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Comments: 0