Open Top Note by current sorting method from a Tag Shortcut in Notes Mode

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Current behavior: If your default shortcut in Notes Mode is a tag rather than a note, then when you switch into Notes Mode it displays a "Tip of the day" in the editor view. A tip of the day isn't rly useful in a text editor compared to actually opening something. Actually, it looks like this is just the behavior with all tags, whether you auto-select them via the default shortcut or just click on them manually. They will wait for you to click on a note. I can see why that'd be okay with tags that aren't the default shortcut if the devs really want to show people tips (which should imo be togglable in a menu setting), but with the default shortcut it defeats the purpose of it being a shortcut imo.

Desired behavior: When clicking on a tag in Notes Mode, automatically open the top note as determined by the current sorting method for your notes. Should work at least for the default shortcut, and preferably for all shortcutted tags, if not all tags, period.

Under consideration effort-low tagging Suggested by: weird Upvoted: 18 Jun, '22 Comments: 3

Comments: 3