Don't reset nav pane when switching views

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My workflow:
I like to use Jots Mode (JM) w/the primary nav pane collapsed (call this V1), but I like to use Notes Mode (NM) w/the primary nav pane collapsed & the secondary nav pane open (call this V2).

Current behavior:
If u use JM w/no secondary nav pane but w/the primary nav pane open (call this V4), and u use NM either in V2 or in the 3 pane view w/everything open (call this V3), then you can switch back & forth b/t Jots & NM and ur views will be saved. However, if u then switch JM to V1, upon switching back to NM u'll be in V1 instead of V2 or V3. If before switching to NM u switch JM back to V4 (i.e., V4-->V1-->V4), NM will "reset," and u'll actually get V3 when switching to NM, even if u were using V2 before. Same behavior for Tasks Mode (TM) as JM.

Desired behavior:
I'd like either:

V1 JM/TM<-->V2 NM (b/c both V1&V2 use the collapsed primary nav pane)
have ur last view in each mode saved (where if u want to use V1 in NM but ur in JM V4 atm, switch modes and THEN views).

Under consideration effort-low ui Suggested by: weird Upvoted: 22 Apr, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0