Notes Mode "Past 7 days" shortcut instead of "This Week"

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Lately I've enjoyed using Today and This Week as my default shortcuts in Notes Mode, to open the notes I've recently worked on (hence why I also want Btw Quick Open seems to show notes based on usage?, so I don't use it much for this purpose.

The problem is:
-When the new week starts, I instantly lose access to the record of whatever notes I'd just been working with moments (or the day) before
--The same thing happens each day w/the "Today" shortcut, but that's why I use "The Week" usually instead

I'd like some solution to this, such as:
-a "Last Week" shortcut
-Making "This Week" always show the last 7 days (calculated to the second?), and maybe even changing it to something like "Past week," or "Last 7 Days," which is only 2 characters longer
-Similar behavior for "Today" might be nice too, tho maybe unnecessary if the behavior of "This Week" is fixed

Under consideration effort-low notes Suggested by: weird Upvoted: 29 Apr, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0