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I'd love the ability to quickly convert an image into a rich footnote.

I take handwritten notes on an e-ink tablet as that is more natural for me in a meeting setting. My workflow currently is to:
Extract handwritten notes into an image file
Add to a note in Amplenote
Extract the text from handwirtten notes using Amplenote's OCR to tidy up/add to. then delete the image file
Attach my handwritten notes into a Rich Footnote with the words "Written Notes" as a reference for later.

If I could right click or highlight the image I have extracted my handwritten notes from and quickly convert to a Rich Footnote that would save me a lot of time as it currently requires me to delete the image and then re-attach.

Under consideration editor effort-medium Suggested by: C L Upvoted: 27 May, '22 Comments: 0

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