Natural Language Processing on tasks

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Many popular todo apps such as Todoist or TickTick has the Natural Language Processing abilities during the creation of task. For example, if you have the following task...

[] Buy milk every two weeks on Wednesday at 18:00

... Todoist / TickTick would create a recurring task titled "Buy milk every two weeks", make the first task appear on Wednesday at 18:00 and repeats it every two weeks. These tools are clever enough to understand the sentences that contain "on", "at" etc commands and process the words that come after them.

Amplenote has a brilliant NLP already in place, and I believe it would be great to enhance it by a little so that we can create the tasks more naturally.

I am aware of the !start, !duration and !every features during the task creation, but I guess enhancing this with a !nlp function, or !dateandtime function that allows us to type the date and time and recurrence sentences.

Under consideration effort-medium tasks Suggested by: Jack Elliott Upvoted: 14 Apr Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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