Image Popup / Modal

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When clicking an image in a note, i'd like the image to "pop up" in the editor itself, instead of opening in a browser window.

Note: on the modal/pop-up if it's implemented.

When expanded to it's full size (in the pop-up), the image should expand the image's WIDTH to up to it's original width, and let HEIGHT overflow past the pop-ups boundary if it's really long. (EG, when the pop-up is open, should be able to scroll down the image if it's really long ).

I say this because some notes apps with 'image' pop-ups like I'm describing try to "fit" all of the popped-up image inside the actual pop-up. (Like evernote and nimbus notes).

That's fine if you have an image with a normal aspect ratio. When it's a really long picture, a screenshot of a webpage or something, that behavior makes the image really small.

Apologies if this has been suggested already. I couldn't find it.

And yes, I'm really into image pop-ups!

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Comments: 0