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Shortcuts at the moment are only local to the view you're in, e.g. a tag within Notes, a search within Tasks. But in my workflow I want to switch betwee 'today's jot', 'my project note', 'all my notes with this project tag', 'my list of tasks with the 'home' tag, 'my calendar in this domain'. All of those things tend to need 2-3 actions: select the mode -> select the shortcut (if it's not the default) --> select the tag/change the view etc

I'd like to have my own list of global shortcuts that would go to the relevant view with all the options preselected. I'd be able to have multiple shortcuts that used the same jots/notes/tasks/calendar view so I could for example have a shortcut to 'work tasks' and 'personal tasks'

Under consideration effort-low searching Suggested by: Stuart Upvoted: 30 May, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0