Allow underline of text

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Allow people to underline text in a note. That's essential to most writing styles. Though I love so many things about AmpleNote, the inability to underline text prevents me and likely many others from adopting the app. Not being able to underline would create problems for me too often. I understand you may have reasons to not enable underline, but consider the cost-benefit: I suspect there is a large percent of people who will not think twice about abandoning the app when they see they can't underline text, and worse they'll falsely assume that if an app doesn't support underline, then it's likely too simple and doesn't support many other things... They don't understand the coding reasons for the limitation like Markdown or export or whatever. Even if they knew, they still would stay away if they think they'll ever need to underline text while writing.

Under consideration editor effort-medium Suggested by: Farris Upvoted: 24 May Comments: 4

Comments: 4