Allow renaming links when linked note is renamed

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Hi, when updating a note title, it would be useful if all the notes that link to that note could have their text updated to reflect that new title. Please see below for details:

Steps to replicate:
- Create a new note with title "Note A"
- Enter the following text in Note A: "This is a link to [[Note B]]" and allow amplenote to create "Note B" when prompted.
- Open Note B and change the title to "Note B1"
- Open Note A

Desired behavior:
- Note A text should now read: "This is a link to [[Note B1]]"

Current behavior
- Note A text still reads "This is a link to [[Note B]]"


Done note-linking Suggested by: Dmitriy Upvoted: 07 Apr Comments: 22

Comments: 22