Nested tasks should inherit their parent item/note affiliation

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Having recently migrated from Roam, I was trying to find a way to compile notes and tasks from multiple project on daily jots, but have been frustrated that tasks are not tagged/linked to projects in that way.

Lets say I am having a team meeting, in which I run through all projects and want to quickly note down tasks linked to their project tags or notes.

If I use backlinks to the projects and nested tasks in the daily-jots text ( ), I can see the tasks in the backlink view in notes, but in "task view" I lose the context of the project I listed them under, unless I inline tag every single task ( )

Ideally the the task nested under a project in daily jots or notes would inherit a dependency or tag from the parent item/project, thus allowing easier filtering in "task view".

Planned effort-medium note-linking Suggested by: Fractal0011 Upvoted: 12 Apr Comments: 4

Comments: 4