Allow more than 5 suggested notes when linking a note to a task or another note

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When using the "[[..." to link another note, only a maximum of 5 suggested notes appears. As the number of notes increases, and some of the note content will be similar, 5 choices may not be enough. I also use some notes with very short names to denote context, like @🖥️, @🏠. Since I have more than 5 of these contexts, I can't easily insert the one I want by just typing [[@ since only 5 show up and Amplenote cannot search by emoji, such as typing [[@home.

Some solution should be found, either to have a scrolling list of matches, or to enable emoji search.

Under consideration effort-low note-linking Suggested by: Paul H. Upvoted: 09 Aug Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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