Suggestions for improving Amplenote.

Amplecap: Simplified Article Clip

I would like to be able to clip a simplified article like Evernote. This may be an issue of nuance as I am aware of the excerpts and full page clip but when I used ...
Suggested by: Adam P. (14 Jul, '22) Upvoted: 05 Apr Comments: 12
Under consideration amplecap effort-high

Amplecap - capture to today's jot

I often end up having to manually select today's jot by date when using Amplecap. It's usually near the top of the dropdown list but it's still an extra step. As jots ...
Suggested by: Stuart (20 May, '22) Upvoted: 25 Feb Comments: 1
Under consideration amplecap effort-low

Save PDFs via Amplecap

Being able to add a PDF directly to Amplenote via Amplecap (like Evernote allows)
Suggested by: Brenden Desmond (10 Apr, '23) Upvoted: 23 Jan Comments: 0
Under consideration amplecap attachments effort-medium

Amplecap - default settings and layout

when capturing i'd like to be able to PRESET DEFAULTS for tags and for the kind of capture (screenshot or highlights or fullpage or bookmark) and also the destination ...
Suggested by: david obront (15 Apr, '22) Upvoted: 08 Feb Comments: 2
Under consideration amplecap

Amplecap access "[[" for notes

I often find when I am saving something to Amplecap, that I would like to access some tags I have with the "[[" so that I can find the task later in my task or ...
Suggested by: Adam P. (25 Jul, '23) Upvoted: 03 Aug, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration amplecap effort-medium